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  • The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is a community- based organization that strives to live up to it's motto "All the Arts for All of Us" it offers a wide range of events, exhibits, and educational programs.  It's goal is to encourage both excellence and inclusion.
  • The Cutter Gallery Arlington provides space, support, and encouragement to new and established artists in the Greater Boston area.
  • Michael Locolle and Kelly LaCasse at Club Inhale Exhale have found the most innovative and exciting ways to combine members’ fitness and nutrition into a new lifestyle.  The education you will receive at our “non gym” is a very unique combination of empowerment, fitness, nutrition and healthy body image that cannot be found anywhere but here!

Based in Massachusetts, Matthew Pippin is an experienced illustrator whose technical approach and attention to detail has positioned him well in advertising, publishing, packaging, and design.  Matthew originally trained as an illustrator, learning how to draw people, animals, architecture and product with meticulous accuracy.  He studied for two years at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst,  and then onto Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.




First comes the idea. After receiving the concept from the client Matthew then spends time researching and seeking out his inspiration. Searching out reference’s that pertain to his idea, he then develops an overall mood that will help fit with the project.  Now comes the initial pencil sketches to help clarify the composition. The final stage involves gathering and layering  hand -drawn and photographic pieces in Photoshop and Illustrator  building up the completed scene.




Matthew’s illustration work is precise and realistic, including an abundance of color that creates an individual feel to each image.  Depicting a living moment in time is an important aspect of  Matthew's style.  His traditional art background and modern digital imaging skills meet to produce a striking illustration.


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Disney, Steute, Rowenta, American Tourister, Giant Glass, Berkley & Jensen, By Nature, Whole Foods, Comfort Foods, Wellsley Farms, Schmersal, Boston Harbor Hotel, Red Cross, University of Massachusetts, Snakebite Inc., Gavin & Sullivan Architect Inc., Elwell Design


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